Grossarl Valley Chapels

The chapel trail from Grossarl to Huettschlag guarantees hiking fun for both mind and body.

The chapel hike combines self-discovery with religious exercise in the fresh air. The hike was opened in July 2009, begins in the valley and stretches from the Grossarl church all the way to the valley end in Huettschlag. You will experience peace in both body and soul.

Helga Zraunig and pastor Mag. Thomas Schwarzenberger came up with the idea for this hike and paid great attention to detail when organizing it.

The starting point for the chapel hike is the church in Grossarl. On the way to the church in Huettschlag you will pass wonderfully situated chapels. The last stop is the Pertill Chapel in the valley end of Huettschlag. This chapel was built in gratitude for a safe return of soldiers from WWII and still has a very thankful atmosphere around it.

Along the he chapel trail:

  • Grossarl Church
  • Laireiting Chapel
  • Bichl Chapel
  • Figler Chapel
  • Griesbichl Chapel
  • Neuhof Chapel
  • Schappach Chapel
  • Hüttschlag Church
  • Wolfau Chapel
  • Karteis Chapel
  • Maurach Chapel
  • Hubertus Chapel
  • Pertill Chapel

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