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Hotel Rattersberghof | Rattersberg 15 | A-5611 Großarl | +43 (0) 6414 - 333 |

Walking isn’t just good for your health: it gives you a chance to experience nature fully, with all your senses. The quiet of the natural environment sharpens our awareness of things we usually take for granted. A good hike is an enriching experience for adults and children alike, as everyone can learn something new and broaden their experience of the natural world.

The Grossarltal valley is perfect for hikes and walks. Mountaineering tours are also an option, meaning that everyone will find what they’re looking for, from those looking for an unchallenging walk to experienced hikers. Beginners can join guided walks and start by gaining experience and tips from professionals.


The Salzburger Almenweg path is made up of 31 stages. This long-distance trail leads through the Pongau region of Salzburg state. The Salzburger Almenweg is renowned for the concentration of Alpine pastures and the traditional specialities served at the huts.


Whether you’re walking in Grossarl to enjoy the pleasures the area has to offer, or you want to incorporate hiking into your holiday for the challenge, all of your requirements can be met here. The Grossarltal valley offers a huge variety of hiking routes and walks.

Kinderwanderweg am Speicherteich im Grossarlertal für Familienurlaub im Hotel Rattersberghof
Wandern am Kapellenweg in Grossarl
Kinderwanderweg am Speicherteich im Grossarlertal für Familienurlaub im Hotel Rattersberghof
Bergbahn in Grossarl für Wanderungen auf Grossarltaler Bergen


Many different hiking routes in the national park take in stunning glaciers, waterfalls and emerald mountain lakes. The various walks and hikes reveal a diverse natural landscape that is home to over 500 species of animals and plants, many of which you’ll encounter if you look carefully and tread quietly.

There are also plenty of viewpoints, allowing hikers privileged views of this beautiful natural landscape.

Kind beim Spielen im Familienhotel Rattersberghof im Nationalpark hohe Tauern

Your family hotel in Großarl

The whole family will find what they’re looking for on your holiday at the Rattersberghof family hotel. While the kids have fun at the playground or in the games room, parents can relax and decompress in the wellness area.

Blick ins Restaurant Rattersberghof Grossarl

Restaurant & terrace

Whether it’s a selection from our sumptuous breakfast buffet, an afternoon cup of coffee with a slice of cake, or a delicious evening meal, you can marvel at the wonderful views of the Grossarltal valley from our restaurant terrace while you treat yourself to the region’s specialities.

Sauna im Rattersberghof Grossarl


After your day hiking or skiing, enjoy our wellness facilities with sauna, infrared cabin and quiet zone. Pure relaxation at the Rattersberghof family hotel.


Hiking in Großarl

The Hohe Tauern area enchants visitors with its unique range of flora and fauna. It’s not unusual to see wild goats and Alpine chamois not far from the path, picking their way up the steep cliffsides.


Die Familie Laireiter Ihr Gastgeber im Familienhotel Rattersberghof

The Laireiter family: your hosts in Großarl

Hospitality is a passion for the Laireiter family from Grossarltal, and they provide their guests with extra special service from arrival to departure. If you have any questions about walks and hiking routes, or ski slopes, the Laireiters will be more than happy to help.



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